Cat Sanctuary


Remember in high school there was always that popular kid who seemed to be friends with everyone? And everyone, from teachers to the class nerd to the school jock seemed to adore him and want to be just like him? Cool as he was though, that kid had a good, kind heart, definitely not a bully. Kind of like the Fonz from Happy Days. Remember him?

Well, RAPS has its own Fonzie character. Meet Theo.

Theo hangs out on the overflow pen area from No 5 road, behind the New AIDS trailer. I can almost picture Theo with a leather jacket, greased back fur and opposable thumbs to give us the thumbs up – a greaser cat from the 50’s.

The overflow shelter pen is cozy and intimate with only a few cats and a small heated indoor structure. Theo is a beautiful boy and certainly displays a curiosity to get to know any new comers to his hood. But unlike some cats in the sanctuary, he approaches with a kind of casual demeanour. He was happy to sit beside me and allow some gentle pets, but anything more aggressive and he’d turn his back to me and mosey away.

What is particularly interesting about Theo is all the cats he seems to attract that gather around him trying to get a little Theo time. He seems to be the most popular cat in the pen. I’ve watched as his sidekick Moe licks the top of his head and Katie, the very kitty image of Pinky Tuscadero, nuzzles him under the chin. He accepts their licks and rubs graciously while still maintaining his cool.

Theo and Katie

Theo and Moe

I go back to see Theo often as we are getting to know each other. He usually sits by me and checks me out from a close but comfortable range. I can be sure that within minutes, his posse of cats will show up beside him as well.