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The Tuxedo Club – part 1

Some of our semi-feral inmates can be pretty nervous when there are strangers around.

Hamlet in what used to be Ringo‘s corner – MW

In regular conditions, the number of weekend visitors increases as the weather improves, and we have to be careful to allow the shyer cats space to get away from unfamiliar faces. The Moore House is closed, and also New Aids – our friendlier FIV cats live in the Val Jones area. We block off several areas for “Cats Only” – the front courtyard section where the ferals hang out, the approach to the office in the Single-Wide, the Newcomers, Pen 8 and Waldi’s Hut,  and the back deck of the Double-Wide.

Hamlet, Bodhi, Luke – LBF

The Double-Wide deck has become the popular gathering spot for the more timid cats in that building, and in particular, for the tuxedos. Grey Bubbles is an honorary tuxie, and there are a few tabbies like Kin and Guthrie who ease in and out of the crowd, but the mattress under the lamp is dominated by black and white fur.

Hamlet at ease – KN

Hamlet arrived in company with Ruff – a pair of ferals who were brought in for their own protection when their territory came under construction. Ruff settled himself in his cage and declined to emerge for almost a year; he’s now become Mr Sociability in the back courtyard. His buddy Hamlet (actually, they weren’t the friendliest of buddies) went in the opposite direction and ended on the deck. For some time he was to be found up on one of the high shelves with Ringo, hiding from human attention; these days he’s more often to be found just inside the door, and ready to accept attention from loving hands.

Bodhi & Luke – LP

Bodhi and Luke arrived about the same time, but from different place; Luke came with Taylor, and once released, the two went in different directions. Black Taylor made for the back courtyard and joined the “who IS that black cat?” crowd. The poor boy has had quite a lot of dental problems, and been in and out of a cage, getting treatment. Luke preferred the comfort of the deck and a more sedentary life-style. He has bonded with Bodhi, who is probably a little older. Bodhi came to us from a hoarding situation and was very wary about contact with humans at first, but the two of them are now ready to approach volunteers, and enjoy some petting.

Luke & Bodhi  – KN

Bodhi, Luke and Hamlet can often be found cuddling together on the big mattress under the heat lamp.  They are sometimes joined by Pancake, though he’s much more social, and prefers to be in the main building, around humans. Sir (who came in as Survivor) will often tuck himself into a nearby basket. Jolene sometimes shares their shelf, but not often the cuddles.  Little Smudge, after quite a lot of medical attention and cage living, had moved himself to the cage-tops in the main-building – warmer than the deck, especially with the big boys hogging the heat.

Pancake, Jolene, Sir  –  MW &BC

When we get our tuxedos together, with their striking markings (especially Bodhi) we think the boys should form a band and call it HISS…  or perhaps PURRRRR

Next week: the Red Light Cats band…. (with thanks to Daphne Jorgenson)

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen, Brigid Coult, Lisa Parker, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright