Cat Sanctuary

The 2017 Calendar’s Coming!

As we’ve done for the last five years, a selection of the Sanctuary cats will be featured in a calendar,  – this year, it will appear on 22 October at our fall pub-night fundraiser  and, for the first time, will be accompanied by a dog edition from the City Shelter.

And as always, it was hard to make a selection of pictures, and inevitably, to say no to this or that one. I always try to choose a variety of cats – so I’m looking for a black cat, a calico, a tabby, a grey, a pair, a group… and so on. We made the decision to allow some new photos of cats who had been featured in previous years, but not of any cat who appeared in the 2016 calendar.

Here are some of the pictures that just missed being selected – not because they were less worthy in any way, but because they just didn’t fit with the sequence that emerged.

Albi – the first of a series of orange boys on the shortlist!
Boomer – in New Aids


MiuMiu was going to be our January 2018 cat
– but she may just possibly be adopted!
The light on our lovely Rudolph makes this a wonderful photo
– but he’s already in another picture!
Ian Tom sent us a couple of lovely photos.
This is Autumn, who was featured in the 2016 calendar
We discussed making this the cover – but decided that
being stared at with horror by a feral was not a welcoming image!
Buddy has the most beautiful eyes!
He’s another one on the verge of adoption…
Henrik was on the cover of the 2015 calendar.
This is his brother Daniel, another of the orange guys on our list
The calendar will be available at the Sanctuary, the Shelter, the Thrift Store, and at several other venues around the city – for more information check the RAPS webpage
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Ian Tom and Michele Wright