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Teens All Grown Up

Mozart, Caleb, Benny (LBF)

Real kittens – the tiny cute kind – almost never come to us at the Sanctuary.  There are two main reasons – their immune systems are not yet fully developed and they are susceptible to any number of infections they can catch from adult cats, and they need a LOT of handling to get them used to being with people.  The common wisdom is that up to 10-12 weeks old they can be socialized fairly easily. After that, it’s a much more individual thing – some tame easily, and other maintain their feral instincts.

Two happy adopted girls:
Aphrodite (MD) & Leona (ACA)

I have written before about our aging population, but we do also have a fair number of younger cats – most of whom have come in at around 6-months-plus as young ferals.  We will usually try to keep them apart from the general population and have our Kitty Comforters spend concentrated time with them, helping to learn that humans can be trusted. With some of them, the magic happens, a bond is created, and a cat finds a home – tortie Aphrodite and blonde Leona had early established themselves as the ones most receptive to human attention in the McLeod pen 6 and are now spoiled house-cats; the rest of their family prefer to remain out of reach and are part of the feral population in pen 1.

Mr Megafloof – Mozart  (KN)

In a similar way, we had a group of “teens” in a separate area of the old Moore House.  Much time and patience was spent working with Benny, Leo, Caleb, Pistachio, Mozart and Mason, and for the most part they resisted all efforts.  We finally conceded defeat and moved them to the front courtyard.

Benny’s another guy with cattitude  (KN)

Eighteen months later, and they are for the most part relaxed and happy. Pistachio and Mason really tamed up, and were adopted within a few months.  The others have made themselves totally at home in the front courtyard population.   Benny, the long-haired black boy, can be told by his characteristic curled plume of a tail.  He is now actually a little warier of human contact than his formerly shy buddy, blond Leo, who is more comfortable around people these days – especially if chicken is offered.  Leo is now one of those cats who will roll over and accept tummy-rubs from starry-eyed visitors.

Leo is one of our prettiest front-courtyard cats (KN)

Handsome Caleb has become a social butterfly with a number of other cats, but he is obviously most relaxed and at ease with his brothers, and can often be found snuggling or playing with them. The leader of the group is usually Mr Floof – Mozart (also known as Poptart).

“Handsome” is definitely the word for our Caleb (MW)


The incomparable Mozart  (KN)

There is no way this boy can be confused with anyone else – in both appearance and personality, he shines! Visitors often ask for him, and he’s usually happy to be fussed over for a while – until he decides he’s had enough, and disappears into the feral area, which is out of bounds to visitors.  He is happiest when the other cats are around him. We have often been asked about his adoptability, and the sad fact is that Mozart is a pee-er, and would probably not make a good house-cat.  But along with his brothers, he makes a wonderful Sanctuary cat!

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Ana Carolina Albuquerque, Lisa Brill-Friesen,
Melanie Draper, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright