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Tashie (BC)

Tashie has been with us at the Sanctuary for a year now – she was surrendered for “inappropropriate urination” through the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital, and brought to us by one of our RAPS vets. 

We think she’s around 16 years old, and she’s found her home in the SingleWide community with some of the other oldies.  In many ways, the SW has taken over the place held by the Moore House as a senior cat refuge; we have many other old cats around the complex and we wouldn’t relocate them from the places they love, just based on age, but it’s a good place in which to introduce older cats coming to us for the first time.

Finding a convenient pile of laundry (BC)

Tashie had her introductory cage time in the adjacent office, and when it was time to join the main community, it took awhile to convince her that she couldn’t just return to the office. Now she no longer hovers at the door, but has found her favourite places to snuggle out of the way. Like most of the seniors, she sleeps a lot, and is happy not to be disturbed;  when active, she enjoys a little human company, sharing the armchair and occasionally occupying a lap. It’s at times like that, that we become aware of her aging – like many senior cats, her weight has decreased and petting reveals the bone structure of her body. But she still has spring to her; she hops up to a higher level with ease, and her appetite is good.

Tashie (KN)

Her facial ‘tache markings are obviously the source of her name. Louise tells me that she appears to use the litterboxes well for the most part, but like pretty Celeste outside the DoubleWide, she pees in them, but deposits her poop elsewhere.  Aw, Tashie – it’s a good thing that you came to us – we just do another load of laundry!


Blog by Brigid Coult
Featured image: Joanne Nicholson with photos by Brigid Coult, Joanne & Karen Nicholson