Cat Sanctuary


Written by guest blogger Martha Farnalls


I was introduced to Sweetie last Wednesday night when Ann insisted I come meet a cat in the single wide that she knew I would adore.  We found Sweetie on top of the cages having his dinner, but even the appeal of a nice meal wasn’t enough to hold him back from us when the prospect of strokes and cuddles was presented.

Sweetie & Ann photo by Martha

Indeed, he is aptly named and is certainly a sweetie.  His sole aim was to get in as close as possible to us and go for the head butt.  I had to be quick on the draw with the camera. Despite his decrepit appearance, he strutted his stuff like he was the George Clooney of the cat world.

photo by Martha

Sweetie came to RAPS in 2007 along with Ebony, Tabby and Mama Jane who was eventually adopted.  Sweetie’s owner had been placed in a nursing home and these cats were living outside and being fed by a neighbour until finally they were brought to RAPS.

With age, he has lost a lot of weight and muscle mass and looks as fragile as a snowflake in June.  But it seems he hasn’t lost any of his spirit or spunk judging by the ferocity with which he attacked his food dish and the tenacity with which he loved us up.

photo by Martha

When I showed a friend of mine Sweetie’s picture, she said he reminded her of “Bill the Cat” in the comic strip Bloom County. Yes indeed I would have to agree with her on that one – all he needs is a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a douse with orange paint, and he would be the spitting image.  ACK!

Bill the Cat photo by Dylan Ashe

Updated December 2, 2011 by Claire:  We very sadly lost Sweetie last week. He was a well-loved boy who totally lived up to his name. He’ll be missed.