Cat Sanctuary

Stewart (Stewie)

Stewart is a cheerful, friendly black and white cat who can fairly easily be picked out from any other black and white cats wandering around the back yard by the fact that he holds his head with a noticeable tilt to the left.

He came to us a few years ago via the No. 5 Road shelter. Catherine remembers hearing he was originally found as a stray in Steveston. This may be why he first came to us with the name Stevie… changed to Stewie, says Lisa, because we already had 2 Stevies at the sanctuary, and from there lengthened to Stewart because the short form reminded Catherine of this guy:

Now while being the namesake of the world domination obsessed Stewie Griffin would be highly suitable for more than one cat I can think of, it only takes a moment or two in Stewart’s company to see that it doesn’t suit him in the slightest.


In fact, he’s such a nice cat, I had to wonder how we even ended up with him at the sanctuary. Lisa tells the story:

“Stewart was a stray who ended up at Number 5 road.  They sent him to us because he was terrified and as so many of them do, acted feral for the longest time.  It took a lot of time, patience and love from Catherine before his true sweet personality shone through the terror.”
And the head tilt?
“His head tilt is probably caused by a deep inner ear infection that seems resistant to antibiotics.  He gets better and worse, but is never truly healed.”