Cat Sanctuary


photo by Barbara

Long time sanctuary resident Spunky has the distinction of being the first cat Leslie ever tamed.

Spunky came in as a feral kitten along with brother Shadow in the singlewide and a sister who was later adopted. To help get this little family of wild kittens more used to people, Leslie would take into their cage a toy made up of a pole with dangly things on the end. Spunky in particular loved it so much that she forgot all about being a feral kitten. She just wanted to play with the toy. This show of spunk early on earned her her name.

She grew up into a lovely, friendly adult, but with so many cats at the sanctuary demanding attention, for a long time people didn’t always get a real chance to get to know who this particular tabby was. Now 11 – 12 years old, Spunky is hyperthyroid. Ironically, the fact that she needs to be sought out twice daily to be given her medication has helped more people get to know her and see just what a great personality she has.