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“MEOW!” Little but loud.

That’s the best way to describe Sparks’ personality.  Sparks is petite-sized with a black coat and sports a single white whisker amongst her black ones.  You’ll see this odd fashion trend amongst the black cats around the place.  This little old lady is another kitty from Happy Cat Haven of the Sunshine Coast.  Think Gidget, Twining, & Sweet Pea – the friendly group of retirees living in the front.
Besides the white whisker, her other distinguishing feature is her pair of amber eyes.  Like the gemstone/resin, they’re rich shades of gold with red and burgundy lines and inclusions.  I wonder if she knows just how unique they are?
Sparks is not one to mingle or cuddle with other cats.  It’s humans or the solo life for her.  She’s been around since summer of 2019.  I recall during her initial arrival she showed no fear or apprehension – rare for an in-take.  When I opened the door to interact with her, she let me pet her, but she was far more interested in trying to walk out of the cage to explore.  It’s clear she had a lot of love and care to carry herself so confidently.

Being small and black, it’s easy to overlook her if she stays silent.  It may be one reason why she raises her voice often.  Like a greeter cat, she frequently watches for visitors to enter the front gate and calls them over for attention.  I feel like she should wear a sign that says, “Greetings. Give me cuddles.” At times, she will string together multiple meows, trying to form a conversation.  Her vocals are more along the lines of, “Hey, over here! Pet me!”  Don’t worry, it’s not as deafening or relentless as Dexter’s demands.

Lavish her with undivided attention, and she’ll follow you around.  Her little feet prefer the high road.  You’ll see her hopping up and down on furniture to keep pace with you.

Find a seat and Sparks will likely occupy your lap.  Or, at least put one paw on and possess it.  She can be sweet to people, but spicy when she sees any cat competition.  Having a cat spat on your lap is one way to live on the razor’s edge.  Or in this case, in-between tiny razors!  Best keep other cats away temporarily.


If she’s not staring out of the fence, you’ll find her on the wooden set prop and peacefully walking by other cats.  Again, the sweetness comes out when she sees you. She’ll perform a bit of a happy dance with her front paws, or knead invisible bread dough, in exchange for receiving pets.

Friendly kitties are always nice to have.  As they age, it’s ever more important to make sure they stay happy and sociable.  If they ever shut themselves in, it’s challenging to draw them back out.  If you still haven’t met Sparks yet, come and have a chat with this lively little lady.  She’ll add some spark to your day.



Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Pauline Chin, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright