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There are some cats that you just know are comfortable with themselves and the world around, and there are some for whom it’s a hard place, and worry is in their eyes.

Sir’s basket was his ‘safe place’ at first – KN

Sir came to us a while ago through the good offices of a friend of the Sanctuary. She had heard about this cat whose owner had passed; nobody in the family seemed to want him, and he was left alone in his “home”with someone coming in every few days to throw food at him – and from what we gather, that was exactly the correct phrase.  When it came time for the funeral, the family decided that he should be euthanized and put in the casket with his owner.  Our friend persuaded them to sign him over, and brought him in to us.

First explorations – KN

Initially, his name was “Survivor” (we don’t know what his home name was), and that was about all he was doing. He was very confused by what had happened to him, and obviously overwhelmed by coming in to the Sanctuary.  This is why all our “new” cats have at least a month of cage time; it allows them to settle without having other cats in their faces, and to get used to unfamiliar humans in their lives. The med team and the Kitty Comforters spent time with him, coaxing him to eat, and to re-learn that gentle hands were to be loved and enjoyed.

More comfortable with Sanctuary life – BC

“Survivor” was shortened to “Sir” before long, and he came out of hiding.  He’s a quiet cat, a little reserved, but usually approachable, and he explored his way around the Double-Wide.  He likes to know what’s going on, and can often be found watching while a Kitty Comforter is working with a caged cat.

Watching to see that the KC’s are working correctly – KN

He is nominally part of the tuxedo club on the back deck, but he holds himself a little aloof from the others – like an elderly gentleman tut-tutting and saying “these kids nowadays….”  There is often a black-and-white sprawl over the big bed – and there will be Sir looking on from his own little basket. Sanctuary Manager Lisa tells me that Sir would be adoptable to the right home; he needs to be an only cat in a place where he feels a lot of love.

Sir practicing social separation – BC

He reminds me of Larry – another tuxie with a worried face – and I think a lot of our volunteers will make time for Sir to have a cuddle, be reminded that the world is really not as scary as he thinks it is, and that there is a lot of love for him at the Sanctuary.

Doesn’t he dress up well? – KN

Word of warning: don’t confuse Sir with JJ (for future blog);  Sir is thinner, and has the little white ‘tache. JJ is almost identical, though not so thin, and has no ‘tache. She will also lash out with very little warning, which Sir will never do….

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult & Karen Nicholson