Cat Sanctuary


For the first weeks and months after the two young cats arrived at the RAPS sanctuary after being trapped near SilverCity, Silvia was a little less eager than her brother Silver to show us that she’s not a feral kitty.

Silver and Silvia

Marianne remembers how Silvia would growl and hiss in response to efforts to make friends. Ayako tells me that Silvia used to remind her of how Bossa Nova was when he first came in, all hiss and no trust.

Eventually, Marianne found the time she spent sitting the Silver and Silvia’s cage with them paid off, and Silvia began to first tolerate and then even start to enjoy receiving a few pats. Even so, Silvia apparently remained fairly shy until quite recently, when she started giving Leslie the odd head butt.

Now, while she doesn’t come forward as quickly as her brother does, it doesn’t take her much time watching him get pats and tummy rubs before she presents herself to receive her proper share of the same.