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Senior Love

Jamie & Calista  – CT

So many Sanctuary cats living together quite happily is something that surprises people.  Many of us will have had the experience of bringing a new cat into our home, to have all the feline relationships go sideways, and cats have a reputation for being picky about their company.

Jasper & Sophie: tabbies with ‘tude  –  KN

Somehow at the Sanctuary, that’s rarely a factor. We have the occasional trouble-maker (are you listening, Jasper?) who wants to throw his weight around, and we have several “don’t get in my space!” cats (yes, I mean you, Sophie!). But for the most part, there is enough space that cats who don’t get on are able to avoid each other.

Three Romeos: Mario, Salty, Daniel    (CF/MW/MD)

The ones we love to see are the cats who draw other cats to them. You will have read about our gentle giant, Mario, who had a harem of feral boys and girls – and of Salty, who inherited Mario’s mantle, and made the Double-Wide couch his cuddle-puddle. In the front courtyard, the cat-magnet, until the year before last, was orange Daniel, and his passing left quite a space among the ferals.

Jamie – CT

It seems that Jamie has stepped into Daniel’s place.  When I first met Jamie, he was a wary feral, spending most of his time in the covered yard named “The Old Rabbit Area”. This is a favourite space for the ferals, with covered shelves, hidden baskets, a heat-lamp, and the security of knowing they are rarely bothered by humans.

Jamie – MW

There’s a window between this area and the adjacent Hill House, and depending on how secure cats are feeling, they may come through and visit in comfort. For quite some time, Jamie was a window cat, and the more time he spent in the Hill House, the more comfortable he became with attention.

Calista – sleeping beauty – CT

Calista based herself next door in the shed with the yellow door. But she’s an old lady nowadays, and getting frail, and the attraction of the heat lamp drew her to the “O.R.A” and then into the Hill House. She and Jamie found themselves sharing space quite frequently, and have become very much an item – sometimes just snuggling together, but often grooming each other and bunting together.

Jamie & Calista – CT

Other cats are part of the menage -Jamie is a cat who draws rubs and bunts from all his buddies.  But when Calista is out and about, you’ll probably find her with Jamie.  Both of them are getting up there; At at least 12 years of age, Jamie counts as a senior, and Calista is a good three years older, having come to us with her sister Renee around 2005. But the years don’t diminish the affection, and we love to see the two of them purring and snuggling together.

Jamie & Calista – CT
Blog by Brigid Coult (with thanks to Cheryl Townsend)
Photos by Melanie Draper, Claire Fossey, Karen Nicholson, 
Cheryl Townsend & Michele Wright