Cat Sanctuary


photo by Michele

This beautiful girl was brought to my attention by Marianne, who had recently met her for the first time herself. Met her properly, that is. Marianne suspects she must have come across Samantha before, as she’s apparently been at the sanctuary for some time, but mistook her for Sasha, another pretty, fluffy grey & white girl with a pink nose. I’ve probably done the same myself, and didn’t try to make contact because Sasha’s always responded by running away.

It turns out that Samantha, named by Leslie after her daughter, is a bit more interested in making friends than Sasha. Marianne describes her encounter:

She was sitting on one of the chairs on the outside deck of the Newcomers area when I passed by and, when I stopped to say hello and offer a finger, she sniffed at it, then started rubbing her head up against my hand. We were having a nice little love-up until Newman came along and intruded his little self between us, at which time Samantha took off into the back yard. I followed her and she came up to again sniff my finger when I beckoned to her but Newman kept getting in between so she headed off toward the back pens. 

Samantha’s still not 100% comfortable with people. When Leslie tried to introduce me last Monday evening, I was only able to get as close as the shot below before Samantha decided she really didn’t want to meet me just then and trotted off into one of the back pens.

When Michele met Samantha, she found her a bit skittish. Leslie’s had the best luck when she can spend one-on-one time with Samantha, but she predicts that soon more people will be able to pet this shy, sweet girl.