Cat Sanctuary


Rusty and fellow feral Patches had been fed for years by people who’d come across them at their workplace. As the cats aged, the people noticed with concern that Patches didn’t look well. They asked RAPS to trap and treat Patches and then return him to the site where they would continue feeding and looking out for him and Rusty. RAPS did this, but Patches’s problem, ear polyps, returned, and so RAPS was asked to give him a permanent home at the cat sanctuary. Rusty, who was also getting on in age, was later trapped and brought to the sanctuary as well.

The people who’d cared for the cats all that time didn’t forget about them and paid regular visits to them at the sanctuary. Patches sadly died earlier this year, but Rusty continues to live out the back in a feral-friendly pen. He’s still scared of strangers and will flee if approached. He’s much more comfortable with the people he knows, though, and the people who used to feed him have no trouble getting close enough for a proper visit.

Rusty has recently started letting Leslie get close enough to administer fluids when he needs them. Like more than a few of the cats at the sanctuary, he can be more willing to make friends if there’s food in it for him. I hear he particularly likes ham.