Cat Sanctuary


Ridley is a feral who’s gotten comfortable enough with people that he’s fine with more or less ignoring us while he enjoys hanging out in the doublewide. Fortunately or unfortunately, this does tend to lead to some cases of mistaken identity — that is to say, from the back it’s easy to mistake him for one of the more friendly black cats and try to give him what turns out to be a rather unwelcome pat.

Ridley may not be too sure about humans, but he is quite sure about Salty and can often be seen cuddled up with his friend.

Salty may even be the way to Ridley’s heart. Ridley generally won’t let anyone touch him, but when I was patting Salty while they were sitting together earlier this week, he became so delighted with me for making Salty happy that he leaned in for some rubs too.

If I tried to pat just him and not Salty, I was shown a warning paw poised for a swat…

…but as long as I was patting Salty, I was permitted to carry on sharing a cuddle with Ridley as well.