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Remembering Friends

Back Pens – everyone loved  Chatter – MW

At the end of each December, we wish each other a Happy New Year – but we also look back at the year just past and remember the triumphs we’ve won and the trials we’ve survived.  And especially at the Cat Sanctuary, we’ll remember the cats we’ve lost.

SW – Georgie & her Christmas Mouse – MW

We actually memorialize them in the summer at a pot-luck event held at the Sanctuary and attended by humans and cats alike (it can be a little hard to keep them off the tables!)  And part of the event always includes the reading of the names of the cats who have passed in the previous year – a moment that is named for raggedy Chance who got a second chance of life when he came to us. We are reminded of the legend of the Rainbow Bridge, and the cats who are waiting for us to cross as well – and there are always tears and fond memories.

Front – Gilbertmuch loved – MW

But remembering Big Personalities who have passed is more common in the media at the turn of the year – so here are just a few of the beloved cats who have been in our care, and have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Moore – Spicer, missed by her buddy Shaggy – MW

In the Moore House, established by and named for our beloved Marianne Moore, most of the cats are seniors (it’s affectionately known as “geriCATrics”), and though we grieve their passing, we know that these are cats who have had their final days with much love from us

Moore – PomPom (BC) & Fluffy (MW) –   both came to us
when they were already seniors
Moore – Jack went from being a cranky aggressive cat
to one who loved being petted – MW

Our FIV+ cats may not ever develop full-blown AIDS, but many of them have lived feral, rough lives before they came to us, and their bodies are more fragile than in the general population

NewAids – Mr Moochie – BC
NewAids – Achilles – MW

The FeLV (feline leukemia) cats’ fragile immune systems mean that we tend them with great care for cleanliness. Of the cats we’ve lost this year, two stand out for me:

OA – Zanda loved to come and cuddle – PH


OA – Cleo was disabled, but gutsy! – MW

Those of us who work in the SingleWide quickly develop our favourites

SW – Zoe was a member of the Dryer Gang – MW
SW – Tammy hated other cats – but loved Shelter Manager Lisa – MW

Some really significant cats in the front courtyard have passed

Brothers Tommy & Pogo were well-loved by everyone – MW
We lost Daniel in 2018; Cloverleaf has gone to be with his buddy – MW

Many of the Double-wide cats who have gone are either seniors (Binky, Deenie) or the cage-top shy ferals (Pixie, Peanut, Mary). The cat that I still subconciously look for is Sativa, whose Manx-Syndrome incontinence brought her to us, and whose human family faithfully visited her every Sunday.

DW – we all got used to cleaning up after Sativa – MW

So many big personalities in small furry bodies in the back courtyard have passed.

PawPaw happily made the transition from an outside pen
to live inside with his buddy Chimo – MW
B/w WobblyBob and his grey buddy Yogi went
within weeks of each other – VL
Terry never let his disability stop him! – PH

And I can’t pass up the chance to memorialize the two I adopted from the Moore house, and had in my care for all too short a time – much loved and not forgotten.

Mr Bojangles and Madame Hooch – MW

Many of these cats came in to us as ferals, and as ferals they would have had short, hard lives. In our care they were loved by staff, volunteers and visitors. Their passing was grieved – but it also left space to accept other homeless cats – ferals, strays, rejects – all of whom are now discovering that life can be good at the Cat Sanctuary.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman, Vicki Lo, Michele Wright