Cat Sanctuary

RAPS people walk the walk

I think we all know by now that RAPS people don’t just talk about helping animals, RAPS people do something about it. Whether helping the homeless, loving up their own pets or being there for RAPS alumni and their humans, RAPS people really come through.

Leo, one of my two sanctuary adoptees, got up to some shenanigans in my apartment earlier this week that caused him to end up with a sore foot. The sanctuary very kindly lent me a large cage to keep him in for a stint of cage rest so that he won’t slow down the healing process with a lot of premature running and jumping.

Unfortunately, despite my efforts to turn the cage into the best ever cat fort, Leo did not take to it. In fact, the only way he would consent to stay in it without flailing around and wailing constantly was to have someone sit in there with him. And so, being a RAPS person after all, I crawled in and sat with him, staying until he’d stopped his hysterics and could be coaxed to eat a little dinner.

After that, I called in Daphne, his mom, to keep him company. And she, apparently having decided that being in a cage with a quiet Leo was vastly preferable to being at liberty but having to listen to a yowling Leo, didn’t need much convincing.
Yes, when RAPS people talk about climbing into cages to sit with unhappy cats, it’s not a figure of speech!