Cat Sanctuary

RAPS Alumni Update: Ricky & Cleo

At the most recent RAPS pub night, I had the great pleasure of meeting Wes & Katrina, who adopted sanctuary cats Ricky & Cleo last May. They were kind enough to share an update and photos of this together-forever pair loving life in their forever home.



They are both doing very well.

Cleo has really come out of her shell. At the sanctuary she was so timid and shy, and Ricky was so out going, we thought for sure she would take the longest to warm up to her new home, but it was just the opposite. She was the first to come out of hiding, and Ricky is a bit of a scaredy cat as it turns out. She spends most of the day chasing around fake mice and watching the birds at the feeder from her “catio.”

Ricky is a lap cat, and doesn’t care for toys or birds and just wants to be pet and sleep all day long. Ricky was my laying around all day buddy when I had my back injury last year, and it really helped to have him there beside me.

It took them a while, but they have definitely found their forever home.