Cat Sanctuary


Ralph is the brother of Bobby, with whom he was trapped as a kitten on a farm along No. 9 Rd. He’s remained at the sanctuary because he developed an unfortunate habit of peeing where he shouldn’t.

Like is brother, Ralph’s a sweet, friendly boy.
Maybe even friendlier… as I discovered when my smiles and strokes were welcomed with an attempt to scale my leg for a better cuddle. He kept it up all the while I was trying to get a close-up shot:

So I’ll have to present one of Barbara’s shots for a close-up.

photo by Barbara

This is not to say that our Ralphie is a no manners kind of friendly like Sadie or Prince. Most of the time when you encounter him in the front yard, you’ll find him a pretty laid back guy.









And of course he can often be found in the company of his brother who he loves loves loves, Bobby.