Cat Sanctuary


Pussycat is the sister of OwlTiger, and Panther. As I’d heard of her but never actually met her before, on Monday night I asked Gaye to introduce me.

Gaye took me to the shed in one of the back pens where Pussycat is hanging out these days (she apparently moves periodically from one favorite spot to another). Heated and full of shelves with blankets and cat beds, the shed was warm and cozy. Still, when I caught sight of the fluffy black cat perched up in the rafters, I really wasn’t sure what kind of reaction to expect to my attempt to make friends. I’ve been smacked by more than a few cats under similar circumstances, after all.

I don’t know if it was the chicken that Gaye gave Pussycat to get her attention, or if it was the fact that she passed me a little to give Pussycat to keep her attention, but I found I had no trouble whatsoever making friends.

Although I couldn’t quite manage to coax her from her perch (she didn’t seem to see why she should have to come all the way down only to have to jump up again once I’d left), she was happy to show with endless purrs and rubs just how much she was enjoying the interaction.