Cat Sanctuary

Purry Holiday Greetings

Christmas Cassidy

As we head into the Christmas season, the Sanctuary becomes both quieter and busier.  Even in these Covid-19 times, both staff and volunteers need to take some time out for their home lives, and more gaps start appearing on the shift-board. At the same time, it is heart-warming how many volunteers not only do their regular shifts, but also fill extra spaces as needed;  far from being quiet, Christmas Day is usually buzzing with activity at the Sanctuary.

Christmas Huey

The cats, of course, are oblivious to things like immaculate bedding, or sparkling floors;  as far as they’re concerned, a little cat hair never hurt anybody, and a clean floor is just for being walked on. They only care that their food is delivered on time, and that there are humans around to pet them and offer treats.

Christmas Jason

Last year’s Elf on a Shelf has visited briefly, but has mostly been displaced by Frosty the Snowman and the Christmas tree; with a little bribery, cats have been encouraged to pose, and to share in sending out seasonal greetings to all who love the Sanctuary and its inhabitants.

Christmas Leo


Christmas Sherbet


Christmas Oscar


Christmas Cadbury


Christmas LittleJohn


Christmas Cornelius



Blog by Brigid Coult
All photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen (thank you, Lisa!)