Cat Sanctuary


Puffin was brought to the No. 5 Rd. shelter as a stray, where he stayed for 2 months before landing himself with a reputation for being unpredictable by attacking a woman in the face. And so he came to the sanctuary.

He only arrived yesterday, and so we don’t know yet if the whole scratch-and-bite thing was a one-off incident or, if not, just what can set him off. He’s got a collar on for now to warn people he may take a chomp and we’re being cautiously welcoming – lots of pats and strokes but no up close cuddles and nuzzles for the time being. Leslie says some cats who act out when they’re at 5 Rd. do very well at the sanctuary where can they have more room.

He’ll be living in the front yard once he’s had all his shots. If you want to meet him, look for a handsome boy similar in appearance to Tugboat but with a ring of white near the tip of his tail.