Cat Sanctuary


Two weeks ago I wrote about Tommy, a cat I met while sitting in the front courtyard one sunny day.  While watching Tommy, I noticed that he spent a lot of time snuggling up not only to me, but also a few of the cats that were milling around us. One cat he seemed especially cozy with was a cat named Pogo who I later found out was Tommy’s brother.

Tommy and Pogo arrived at the sanctuary as feral kittens ten years ago and from what I can see, they are inseparable. There certainly doesn’t seem to be any sibling rivalry here.

Tommy & Pogo

I spent time with both cats observing and cuddling them. Pogo who ignored me the first week was especially affectionate when I came to visit him a week later. He came over and started to rub against my legs. Quite determined in his quest for love, he burrowed in my lap with great gusto. I shared this information with Leslie who was surprised and said that was unusual for Pogo as he is normally a bit stand-offish. Perhaps Tommy told Pogo that if he played it up a bit he might get a story written about him too.  I guess every cat wants his 15 minutes of fame.