Cat Sanctuary


Phoenix is a cat who’s striking features caught my eye and led me into territory I normally don’t tread. I spotted her sitting in the grass of the Princess Street pen looking so exotic that I decided I had to go in and meet her.

A sleek white cat with what can only be described as black blobs across her face, Phoenix looks as if she’d been the unfortunate loser in a particularly brutal game of paintball. A feral cat, she hid behind a corner of the building warily allowing me to approach no more than ten feet before scampering off again.

Phoenix was trapped along with two other cats about five years ago and leslie showed me an old picture of her and her siblings, Phoebe and Phyllis, that had been featured in an old edition of the Pet Connection. All three cats looked almost identical, white with black blobs on their faces. Sadly, Phoebe has since passed away but Phyllis is still at the sanctuary though the two don’t have much to do with one another now.

Scared but watchful, Phoenix was not so skittish that she wouldn’t allow me a few sly pictures of her before I left her in peace.