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Of the little colony of cats who came in from the Kootenays last year, the majority remain shy and wary of much contact with us, though most of them no longer confine themselves to Pen 8, which was their first home here. Just two of them really embraced Sanctuary life: little SweetPea built on the socialization she had from foster-mom Kati, and showed herself willing to be petted and cuddled; it wasn’t long before she was adopted. (Her sister Curious is still not happy about much in the way of human contact.)

Owen (LBF)

Handsome Owen has always been the most outgoing of the remainder of the colony. Though he enjoys his cats-only bonding time with Basil and Percival Snugglebutt, he has embraced his inner Ragdoll and loves lap-time and treats with staff and volunteers.

Hanging out with Percival Snugglebutt (LBF)

When the Kootenays cats first came to us, we were told they were Ragdolls. In fact, we rarely have purebred cats of any sort at the Sanctuary – most of our cats are mixed-breed, and many have come to us as a result of not being spayed/neutered, so we never know quite what genetics are in play. In appearance, Owen, and many of the others, have a more Himalayan appearance – paler long-haired body, dark face and legs – but without the smooshed-in face of the purebred Himalayan. Owen steps outside the norm with snowshoe paws, and his body-coat is darker than the classic Siamese/Himalayan shading.

Owen with shy Bailey (LBF)

Independent and confident (BC)

Owen’s not the largest of the group – that’s probably shy Basil’s role – and none of them are really at Ragdoll size, though cats from feral beginnings are often smaller because of early malnourishment. But Owen obviously likes people; he asks to come up on a lap, is easily handled and loves his treats and fussing.

He has now joined the ranks of the “bandana cats” wearing an identifying scarf on visiting days, and we would love to see him adopted to someone who recognizes his cat-colony background and who can give him time to settle into new surroundings with a family to love him.


Blog by Brigid Coult
Featured image by Karen Nicholson
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen, Brigid Coult & Karen Nicholson