Cat Sanctuary


At last Saturday’s pub night in support of RAPS (thanks to all who attended!), Louise was telling me about two black cats, Onyx and Topaz, who like to hang out in the tiny room in the doublewide where we keep the water heater.

When I went to investigate this evening, Topaz was off doing cat stuff elsewhere, but Onyx was there, comfortably installed on top of the water heater. She wasn’t too excited about getting up close and cuddly with her uninvited human visitor, though, and soon scooted up to a shelf safely out of reach.

Louise had warned me that she’s found Onyx isn’t really into being touched, so I wasn’t too surprised. If anything, I was grateful that Onyx was relaxed enough that she didn’t seem to mind me being there just as long as I stayed out of arm’s reach.

Onyx came to RAPS from the same place as CaraPrincessElmoHueyHannahWhiskeyParis, and others. Like Paris, Onyx started off as a feral. She certainly is curious enough about people to enjoy a good stare. Perhaps she can be convinced that people cuddles aren’t so bad either.