Cat Sanctuary


While some cats gain human friends and fans through active and energetic campaigning, there are others who need to do little more than pose.

This mystery tabby caught our attention through this signature pose:

photo by Kim

Kim first sent me this photo for inclusion in Graceless Kitties, but I thought he or she just looked too cool to be lumped in with a bunch of goofballs. Then, when I tried to find out the name of this cat, I discovered that nobody knew.

According to Leslie, among the residents of the singlewide are a number of tabbies who were trapped as young ferals around the same time. Because they promptly scattered and proceeded to hide, there was no real chance for staff and volunteers to learn to distinguish one from another. As a result, the names they were given when they first arrived now only exist as information tucked away in their files at the vet’s office.

As “unknown tabby” lacks the personal touch, Leslie invited me to make up a new name for this one, a task I offered in turn to Kim, who’d been the one to introduce me. And so we arrived at the name “Nutmeg.”

Until Nutmeg decides whether being called a particular name is a good enough incentive to let us get closer than safe peering distance from the top of the cages, we’ll just have to continue being treated to the signature pose.