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Nikki Sixx-Toes

One of the hardest things for our med staff to deal with is offering treatment to a feral cat who just wants to say “No way!”

Nikki hiding from us – BC

Nikki came to us with his tabby friend Annie via VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kittens Rescue Association) from a reserve in Semiamhoo.

Nikki and Annie in Semiamhoo – JC

He’s a polydactyl, with six toes on his front paws, and was named ‘Six Toes’ prior to arrival at RAPS. His name was tweaked to Nikki Sixx-Toes, after the Mötley Crűe bassist Nikki Sixx.  We caged Annie and Nikki together, hoping they would comfort each other; Annie was not happy with humans encroaching on her territory, but Nikki eventually allowed us to touch him.

The famed six toes on each foot – BC

Nikki was diabetic, and he needs insulin to get his body chemistry balanced. But as a semi-feral cat, we also knew we couldn’t keep him in a cage. So the decision was made to release Nikki and Annie into Pen 3, and take it from there.

Hiding in his tunnel – KN

Like many feral cats, when released, Nikki and Annie decided they wanted nothing to do with humans. They took shelter in the little kennels around the pen; Nikki’s favourite place was in a long metal tunnel. Every day the med staff would come with a snack and the insulin; the snack would be consumed, but all too often Nikki wouldn’t allow the injection. With insulin, it’s virtually painless – the insulin needle is very thin, and most cats don’t notice it, but Nikki didn’t want to allow the med staff to get close.

In his new home – BC

The decision was made to relocate him to the single wide trailer where he could be treated more easily. Whilst caged during the initial transition from outdoor pen to building, Nikki became more relaxed with people and enjoyed attention from humans. When his cage was finally opened, he decided that the area was his, and he refused to leave. His appetite is good; he loves petting from the people he knows; since his cage is right next to Shelter Manager Lisa’s office, he gets a good traffic flow and lots of attention.

Enjoying attention – BC

Annie has remained a feral out in Pen 3 – she seems to have bonded with the other little tabbies, and with Dell

Annie watches warily – LBF

Nikki will probably remain an indoor cat; it will be interesting to see if he ventures out of the cage to explore the territory, or whether, like KeKe in the DoubleWide, he feels that all good things happen in his own space.

Nikki holding court in his cage – BC


Blog by Brigid Coult, with input by Leslie Landa and Louise Parris Rupp
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen, Brigid Coult, Janet Cox, Karen Nicholson