Cat Sanctuary


Niblet was one of a number of cats trapped by Princess Street in Steveston (others include Prince and Maddy).

I first noticed Niblet because of her tiny size. Then Gaye told me an anecdote about her that makes her even more memorable.

Gaye described being at the sanctuary one night and hearing a high “meow meow meow” coming from somewhere. Worried that one of the cats was in distress, she followed the sound to the source and found Niblet sitting with her mouth all puffed up and what appeared to be two streams of slimy drool dripping out. Before Gaye could do anything to help, Niblet dropped her mouthful at her feet. The mouthful turned out to be a live frog (the two streams of drool had in fact been its back legs), and it didn’t waste any time leaping off to complete its escape. Gaye is still amazed that Niblet had let her come so close without running away.

These days, Niblet’s still quite shy, but Leslie says she’s getting tamer all the time. When I met Niblet last week, she wasn’t quite up to letting me touch her, but was curious enough to sit and stare while I visited her cat friends. I haven’t heard any more tales of her playing frog catcher.