Cat Sanctuary


Nala and housemate Mooshie were surrendered to RAPS at the ages of 12 and 13 because their owners were moving. We feel for them, as we always do for senior cats who for whatever reason can’t be kept by the people they’ve known all their lives.

Fortunately, now that Mooshie and Nala have adjusted to RAPS being their permanent home, they seem overall pretty cool with it.

While Mooshie seemed to have perfected the art of photobombing (as Martha can attest), Nala’s style, in the evenings anyway, is to enjoy her comfy chair and let the cuddles come to her. She knows they will.

Updated September 9, 2012: When I posted about Nala last month, little did I suspect that would be one of my last opportunities to see her. Rest in peace, sweet girl.