Cat Sanctuary


I met Nadia when I was visiting a few other cats I’d recently met in one of the open pens in the back yard of the sanctuary. She was hanging out with her buddy, an orange and white shorthair nicknamed “Juvie” (more on that him in an upcoming post!).

While quite calm and content with her cat friend, she was much shier with me and it was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to be able to touch her… which was too bad because she had a wood chip stuck to her chin that it would have been nice to relieve her of before taking her portrait. Oh well…

Nadia seems to be generally known as a shy girl. When she was caged in the doublewide last year before having a dental, no one had been able to get to know her well enough to be entirely sure what her name was. After briefly wondering if this was a cat named Todd, staff established that she was not Todd. And for a little while her nickname became “Not Todd.” While perhaps appealing in it’s way, this probably wouldn’t have been the most practical name in the long run. So Catherine gave the little black cutie a new name: Nadia.