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Just as we have a reputation for taking in and caring for the Feline Leukemia and FIV cats from across the province, and beyond, so those in the know are aware that we will also take in a category of cat that can have a short life in a kill shelter.
Monty exploring – BC

Many people are fascinated by Manx cats, and will sometimes try to breed them.  A true Manx needs to be bred with care, because Manx cats carry two genes – one for a full tail and one for taillessness, and kittens that inherit the tailless gene from both parents will generally not survive.  The tailless condition in Manxes can lead to Manx Syndrome, which generally shows up as incontinence or constipation – and people who take on a Manx, thinking “how cute!” are often disillusioned by the extra care and cleaning that it necessitates.

Cookie Mills (KN) & Plum (MW)

We have several Manxes with this condition – Cookie Mills and little Plum need baths pretty well every day, and there are several other Manxes that need regular checking by the med-staff.  Often our Manxes are very friendly – Sweet-Pea and Pee-Wee adored attention, though for our sake, it had to come with a thick towel attached.

Ready to accept cage attention – BC

So when we were asked to take on a tabby and white Manx, we had little hesitation.  Monty started life at a kitten-mill in Maple Ridge.  Whether this was an inbreeding situation or not, we don’t know, but when he was adopted his owners discovered he had a lot of problems with his bladder, which led to a surgery that resulted in urine incontinence.  Because of that, he was surrendered to the Sanctuary, where he can dribble to his heart’s desire!  It was a hard decision for his owner, who loved him dearly, but the problems of having a leaky cat in a rental home were just too great.

Long-legged elegance – KN

He came to us with the name of Mr Money – I don’t know whether that was a reference to a Hindi movie, or to the cost of cleaning up after him – but the med-staff changed that to Monty before long.  He’s a beautiful boy – not the usual tubby build of many Manxes, but more of the elegant shape of Emery, who we lost early this year.  He also has some of Emery’s quirks.  He does NOT like other cats. Emery would just run and hide if confronted; Monty tends to be the aggressor, and when he’s in paranoid mode, we need to watch that he doesn’t swat perfectly innocent cats.  Like many of the more antisocial cats, he is quite capable of finding himself a place to hide where he won’t be bothered.

Will you pet me? – BC

A summer of being able to get away from other cats in the back gardens has suited him well; when it gets colder it will be interesting to see if he will opt for solitary chill, or for warmth and the over-abundance of feline company.  He will tolerate humans when in the right frame of mind. He’s not an affectionate cat like Wickem, or needy like Emery; Monty will allow himself to be petted briefly, and will then remove himself from contact – though he will sometimes hang around as if asking for more. We hope that he will warm to us, and feel more at home in our care.

Bliss! a basket all to himself! – KN
Blog by Brigid Coult (& Leslie Landa)
Photos by Brigid Coult, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright