Cat Sanctuary


Mitchell is a sweetheart of a tabby who lives in the singlewide at the sanctuary. He was trapped in Steveston a couple of years ago as part of the same litter of feral kittens that gave us Mary. Their feral mom and aunt live in the rear yard of the sanctuary.

baby Mitchell
photo by Phaedra

Mitch tamed up nicely and is quite happy to interact with his human friends. According to Leslie, not only does he love laps, but this “wide-eyed monkey loves to scratch on the tops of people’s running shoes, probably because he’s attracted to the shoelaces.”

I haven’t witnessed the running shoe playing myself, but I have experienced some shoe sitting. It’s an amusing sight to feel a gentle pressure on your foot and then to look down to see this cat neatly parked there and looking brightly back up at you.

Mitch is a particular favorite of volunteer Michele, who gets to spend some quality time with him every week during her shift in the building where he lives.

Here are a few of her pictures of him:

photo by Michele

photo by Michele










Mitch and Deanna
photo by Michele

Mitch was almost adopted out a little while back as a companion for a woman’s cat, but she unexpectedly had to take in another cat and was unable to have more than two. Mitch is still a very adoptable boy. Leslie says he would be a great companion to another young cat or two.

Updated September 19, 2011: We’re all very saddened by the sudden illness and passing of sweet Mitchell this weekend. Below is a lovely tribute created by Michele, with whom he was close.