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Misty & Mindy Part II: Misty

Misty was surrendered to RAPS last month along with her daughter Mindy.

Both are continuing to adjust to life away from what had been their home, and both appear to be going about it in different ways. Mindy, who’d always been uncomfortable with human contact, has chosen to seek solace in people cuddles. Misty, who was accustomed to being the more outgoing of the pair, is not impressed with the sudden prospect of having her daughter steal the attention.

When I went to visit them the first time, Misty came to greet me while Mindy dove for her cage. Misty stayed out and happily soaked up all the cuddles on offer. A week later, Mindy was enjoying a few cuddles herself. Misty was not impressed. She was so upset, in fact, that she slapped the younger cat until Mindy fled back into her crate, then went on to give me a little hiss of annoyance when I tried to pat her again. This passed and we were soon OK again, but after that I made sure to give Misty at least as much attention as her daughter. This seemed to work.

If you visit this cute pair, be sure to observe proper protocol and give Misty your attention first and often. She’s a nice girl and fully deserves some attention. And it’ll help stop her taking out her change in living conditions on her daughter.