Cat Sanctuary


Mistletoe came to the sanctuary in November of last year. For the longest time, this was the view I saw of her:

She was only 5-6 months old when she came in and so scared that RAPS staff couldn’t be sure if she was feral or had formerly been tame. After a while, someone put a note up on her cage door saying that she liked to be scratched if approached slowly and quietly.

Recently, she’s started peeking out from her hiding spots long enough to make me think it may be time to give this scratching thing a try.

It took some time sitting on the floor of her cage, scrunched up against her litter box, before I could get her to relax from a tense look of horror into something a little more relaxed and, at last a rub and a purr. Definitely worth the time and embedded kitty litter.