Cat Sanctuary

Mini update: Peaches

There’s such a contrast between Grizzy and Peaches that it can hard to believe that when they came to the sanctuary in the summer of 2009, they came in together.

Grizzy’s antics are well-known to anyone who’s been a regular visitor to the sanctuary or even follower of this blog. Always a much more gentle soul, Peaches doesn’t tend to do the kind of things that would land a cat in anyone’s hall of fame… or hall of shame. She’s just a nice, sweet old girl.

If she has a quirk, it’s that after spending some time trying out different spots in the doublewide, she decided the bathroom shelf between the sink and the toilet was going to be her place to roost. And so there she sits, day after day.

She’s not quite as rooted to her spot as Deety is to his micro-kingdom of a small counter in the laundry room, and will venture out now and again. For the most part, though, it seems that the bathroom is where she likes to be. She’s still as happy as ever to cuddle and will delightedly start giving headbutts and kneading her bedding with the slightest encouragement… but you have to come to her in the bathroom her room.