Cat Sanctuary


Mimi was fed and looked out for as a stray by longtime RAPS volunteers Barbara and Waldi. When Mimi’s advancing years made it necessary to provide her with access to more care, they brought her to the sanctuary to live.

These days Mimi likes to spend her time on a comfy shelf by the door of the doublewide. She’s tucked away there, which she seems to like. She came to my notice when she started to pop her head out around feeding time, drawn by the smell of the wet food being prepared on the table next to her.

On days when I had a little wet food left over after feeding the caged cats, I’d make up a little dish for her, which she seemed to appreciate in a quiet, old girl kitty way.

This week she popped her head out early on, and so I gave right then her a little food offering from one of the large plates I always put together at the start of the evening. She was quite responsive….

She even climbed up on the table where I was working, purred at me for a while, and helped herself to another of the plates I was putting together.

For some cats, the way to the heart really is through the stomach.