Cat Sanctuary


Midge came to the cat sanctuary as a feral in 2005. She was trapped with Mac and the two shared a cage when they first came. The pair later grew apart when Mac decided he liked being outside and Midge stayed inside.

Unlike Mac, Midge has retained her feral mistrust of humans. She has gotten better, though, starting with venturing down to floor level in the doublewide where she lives rather than just peering down at us from the top of the cages. Since we’ve started leaving the door to the doublewide open, she’s even started going outside. Perhaps she’ll start hanging out with Mac again…?

Knowing she can access the outside seems to have helped Midge be a little more confident about human encounters inside. When I came across her on Monday night, she was contentedly washing herself on a shelf by the floor.

Once I got her attention, she allowed me to take a few photos of her, big scary camera, flash, and all. Only when I moved just a bit too close into her personal space did she get ready to move away. And even then, she’d clearly decided that she was only going to move from her comfy spot if it was absolutely necessary. The moment I backed off by even a few centimetres, she started to settle down again.