Cat Sanctuary


Meowy by Barbara

Meowy came to RAPS in 2007 with her sister Puffy. Their owner had become homeless and was living out of his car, so had to surrender them to the shelter. He’d hoped to be able to take them back once his situation improved, but for one reason or another he wasn’t able in the end to make good on his promise to his cats and the sanctuary became their home.

Puffy, who has the distinction of being Ann’s sister’s first sponsor cat, has unfortunately since passed away. Meowy is still very much with us and can often be found hanging out on some comfy perch in the laundry room.

Puffy by Phaedra

Now around 10 years old or more, Meowy can be told apart from the other tabbies roaming around the doublewide and environs by her expressively raspy meow. There may even be a note on her file noting the “smoker’s cough” of a voice that seems to be the norm for her. Whether given by accident or by design, the name Meowy suits her well.

Updated July 2012: After an illness, Meowy is sadly no longer with us. We’ll all miss her face and distinctive meow.