Cat Sanctuary

Mary (II)

I was introduced to Mary earlier this month by Gaye. With formerly shy Orlean now following me around and meowing at me until I pick her up and drape her purring self over my shoulder, I’m ready to take on a new challenge. Gaye recommended Mary as a good candidate for some extra attention.

While interested in what the humans moving around her may be up to, Mary’s still quite shy and ready to scoot away at a moment’s notice if anyone gets closer than she’s comfortable with.

Some people have been able to get close enough to touch the tip of her nose, but so far that’s about all she’s prepared to permit. Since she’s only just met me, I haven’t yet been allowed even this close, but she was curious enough about me that she was content to sit peering at me, just safely out of reach, as I took a number of photos of her.

The next time I met her, I was able to get a little closer through the presentation of a food offering. As is apparent from her rounded silhouette, she does like her food.
Let’s see if we can get her into the idea of liking a few cuddles too.