Cat Sanctuary

Marilee (Merrily)

This tiny, pretty girl came from the same place as Alec, a farm where a feral colony was living. It’s quite possible, likely even, that Alec is her brother. Leslie named Marilee after RAPS’ Mary, who’d been looking after the site. (It’s “Marilee” since the actual name “Mary” was already taken.)

While the kittens at this location were brought straight to RAPS to be tamed and hopefully adopted out (Mitchell and Mary among them), the adults were trapped, neutered and released back on the farm, as the property owner was happy to have them there. What seemed like not long after, RAPS found that Marilee was back at the vet, having somehow sustained an injury to her tail that resulted in most of it having to be amputated. After this, Carol decided to bring her to live at the sanctuary where we’d know she was safe.

Marilee’s made some friends among the cats in the front courtyard and Connor building, but she’s still not sure how she feels about us humans. She’s very curious and will often position herself so that she can peer, wide-eyed, at whatever you’re doing, but she’ll quickly scoot away if you get too close.

The curiosity’s a good sign, though – she’s at least interested in possibly, maybe, if it’s not too scary… getting to know us.