Cat Sanctuary

Mama Hollandia

This blog post is in honor of the shyer cats at RAPS, the feral cats that never learn to trust.  The cats who gratefully defer the spotlight to other more attention focused cats. These are the cats that sneak under tables, hide behind walls of blankets and scamper at the speed of light just to avoid a confrontation with us two legged creatures.

Mama Hollandia was found and trapped at a feeding station behind Hollandia Catering.  This location, along with her five kittens, inspired her unique name.  Mama Hollandia has outlived all but one of her kittens and only Chloe, a calico like her mom, lives with her in the single wide now.

Despite living at the RAPS sanctuary for 13 years now, Mama Hollandia remains very feral and refuses to make friends with the staff and volunteers at RAPS.  I found her hiding in a box under a chair in the single wide, keeping a wary eye on me.  I managed to get a few shots of her before she slunk away when I turned my back for a second.  I’m told that if you really push it and try to sneak a pet in she will hiss at you but is not likely to do any bodily damage.  Judging from the fear in her eyes, I thought I would catch what I could with my camera and leave her be without pestering her too much.