Cat Sanctuary


Sanctuary cats can get their names in many different ways. Surrendered cats come with names already, but then there are all those strays and ferals whose names we don’t know or who were never given human names in the first place.

Luongo came to us last November, having been trapped as a stray by Carol in the yard of a man named Lou.  Naming him Lou after this gentleman was an obvious possibility, but the sanctuary already had a Lou and so, and sometimes happens, a slight amendment was made to him name. Anyway, sanctuary staff had been wanting to pay tribute to the Canucks for ages, so this seemed a perfect opporunity.

I met Luongo right after he came in, when he was not only in a cage in the Connor, but still opting to stay inside his smaller cage within that cage. Despite being a brand new arrival, he was calm enough to permit a photo or two.

I meant to go and do a follow-up photoshoot after he’d settled in, but got distracted (we’ve got more than a few cats at the sanctuary to get distracted by!). Recently, I heard that Luongo may be adopted soon, and so I made sure to come and see him. Opening his cage, I found a cat who was so very friendly and right-up-close-and-personal interactive that it was impossible to get him to stay still long enough to take a decent photo. I actually had to get the help of Leslie, who distracted him by picking him up and cuddling him long enough for me to get him (more or less) in focus. Great human teamwork plus one happy cat!