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Looking over the crowd gathering for chicken-tidbits-dessert last week, I was surprised to realize that I’d never blogged little grey/white Lulu, who is another of our chickaholics.

Lulu (MW)

Like Woody, who I introduced in August, Lulu came to us from Kitty Cat P.A.L.S. (Prevent a Litter Society) in the Comox Valley. Woody and Heidi came because they were FIV+ cats. Lulu and her buddy Scooter came a year later – they weren’t FIV+ but they were neither so feral that all that could be done would be to release them to a barn-cat program, nor tame enough to adopt out. We hoped that time with us would give them options.

Lulu exploring (KN)

Lulu and Scooter had the usual caged period with us, giving them the chance to get to know the humans who would be caring for them. Once the cage door was opened, Scooter went to the cage tops and joined the look-but-don’t-touch semiferals there; she would smack at hands offering petting and treats, and it took some time for her to accept that she liked both.

Scooter on cage-tops (KN)

Over the past few months, Scooter’s confidence blossomed with the encouragement of Kitty Comforters Mel and Scott, and I am delighted to report that not only did she relocate to the back courtyard, but that her confidence increased to the point that she has been adopted by them, with shy black Bagheera. Watching Scooter enjoy cuddling with Scott made us all so happy!

Tyson & Lulu – BFFs (KN)

Lulu, from the beginning, was more of a flirt with cats and humans alike. She made herself at home in the DoubleWide and then in the back courtyard; she accepted gentle petting, though she was never willing to lap-sit or to be picked up. She adores black Tyson, who is one of our adoptables, and we hoped that his calm ways might rub off on her, but she remains arm’s-length flirty with most of us. For a while, she and Tyson were often found together; now it seems to be just occasional visits.

Lulu (KN)

Around a crowd of cats she remains a little wary, hovering at a distance, but quick to venture forward if she sees an opening to claim a tidbit. She will allow a little stroking, though like many cats, prefers head and chin-rubs to full body petting. She’s probably six or seven years old, and technically probably past becoming adoptable – but then, we might have said the same of Scooter, so there’s always hope!


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