Cat Sanctuary

Lucy (II)

Lucy is another cat who came to RAPS from the same kitty group home that brought us WhiskeyCaraMoosha and others.

A cuddly sweetheart of a cat, Lucy so captured the heart of one of our volunteers that she adopted her. Unfortunately, possibly as a response to a cat or cats already resident in the household, Lucy developed a tendency to pee where she shouldn’t, and so she had to be brought back to the sanctuary. This was a tough decision for Lucy’s would-be adopter, who even tried bringing her home again some time later. But the same problem arose once more, and so Lucy has had to come back to live at the sanctuary.

Currently in a cage in the doublewide while she readjusts to sanctuary life, Lucy was a bit shy at first but is increasingly letting us see her adorably cuddly side, complete with purrs and upside down wriggles.