Cat Sanctuary


Deciding which cat to feature in a blog post can be a challenging job sometimes but luckily, I found Lucky (sorry, couldn’t resist), a beautiful long haired orange tabby that reminds me of a small lion with a gorgeous mane.

Lucky came To RAPS with his brother Tippy many years ago as feral kitten but unlike Tippy, Lucky has yet to trust us two-legged creatures.  So not being able to entice him for a scratchy-scratch, I watched him from a distance as he wandered around the compound one sunny afternoon.  Lucky, it seemed was seeking some affection from someone or something as he head butted a few table legs, rubbed up against many of the other cats and generally danced around me at a safe but curious distance.  Unlucky for Lucky, many of the cats he chose to rub against would then turn around and bat at him as if to say: “get lost red!”


Seeing as I have a thing for orange tabby cats, I couldn’t resist trying to get near him and get in a pet or two.  I was hoping he would eventually get enough courage to finally come over to me but I’m told that Lucky is quite wary of people and doesn’t let anyone touch him.  I did actually manage to make contact with him after a lot of persistence but it was clearly not appreciated as he scooted off in disgust having had enough of me.