Cat Sanctuary

Lou (Wally)

Looking at handsome, affectionate Lou (formerly Wally), it’s hard to believe that someone would just abandon him. But that’s apparently what they did, as he was found a little while back hiding under one of the buildings. With raccoons and other wild animals often seen in the area, he’s lucky he didn’t get injured or killed.

Understandably, Lou was pretty anxious when he first arrived at RAPS. After he began to settle in, his affectionate nature began to come through. When I introduced myself to him last week, he gave me the most thorough inspection I’ve ever had from a cat, studiously sniffing me all over… in between bestowing so many rubs and purrs that it was all I could do to get him to stay still long enough to get a couple of photos. He also quickly showed himself to be a lap cat, happily climbing up and settling down with only minimal encouragement.

Lou is available for adoption to the right home: somewhere calm and quiet and without dogs or other cats, of which he’s not terribly fond.