Cat Sanctuary


From RAPS volunteer Pauline Chin:

At the door, waiting for attention – KN

Loki, our grey and white friend, arrived 2 years ago from 5 Road after it was found out he was a pee-er.  Contrary to his somewhat disapproving appearance, his personality is friendly, sweet, and playful.  Cats don’t seem to mind him and humans are eager to interact with him.

“Alien kitten”  –   JK

While caged, Loki often reached through the mesh to grab at toys.  We’d be playing with other cats and then a grey paw would pop out and latch onto the toy.  Even other cats, like Dazzle, looked surprised at his enthusiasm.  Inside the cage, he’d scale the mesh and bounce around.  There just wasn’t much room to play.  Loki couldn’t wait to be free!

Loki’s favourite pose.    BC

Most of Loki’s time is spent sleeping.  Sometimes, he hangs out with the deck crew.  When he’s in play mode, he turns into a wild thing!  If he spots a favourite toy, he will race up and down the catwalks.   At times, he will fly across the cage-tops in pursuit.

…Watch that wand twitch….!    PC

He faces playtime competition with Baxter and Delilah up top, and from Dazzle and Hannah at floor level.  Once Loki snags a wand, he’ll attempt to carry his prize off someplace.  He has a strong grip, so be prepared to have wands yanked out of your hands.

You know how you sometimes wake up with “bed-head?”
Loki has permanent “bed eyebrows”….   JC

The main red flag that bars Loki from adoption is his habit of peeing outside the litterbox, and spraying the walls.  Rarely is there a cat owner that tolerates such behavior.  People can tolerate sweet and sometimes swatty, but turning walls yellow just isn’t fun.  Around 60% of our cat population are pee-ers. Like Loki, they can all play and spray to their heart’s content without worry.  We just mop up their messes afterwards – and love them anyway.

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Jackie Chappell, Pauline Chin, Brigid Coult, 
Jennine Kariya, Karen Nicholson