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Loaf Cats

Blog from volunteer Pauline Chin….
You may have come across  the terms loaf cats, cat loaves, loafing kitties, platter cats… the list goes on. The key feature is the way the cat is sitting, which resembles a loaf of bread.

Dusty – MW

The cat will tuck its legs and tail underneath its body, hence the name, loaf. In the classic loaf position, no paws can be seen, through some do a partial loaf with a leg or two showing.  Sometimes, they fall asleep that way with a face plant.  Extra-large loafing kitties look closer to a turkey on a platter.  Our long-haired cats might resemble a big poof with eyes, or a certain fictional alien race.

Jobie – MW

Why do cats sit this way?
Mostly it’s because it’s comfortable.  They can relax, take a nap, stare at you from a distance, but still be on their feet in a second. Most cats refuse to expose their weak spot – the belly.  Think about it.  How tempting is it to give cats belly rubs? In cooler weather, it helps conserve body heat.  Tucking their tail and legs in prevents people from stepping on them, too.  The loaf is also a position for cats to hide injuries;  cats are masters at concealing pain.

Kramer – MW

In this time of quarantine, when baking your own bread seems to be the Thing to Do, feast your eyes on some loafing kitties:
The first kitty loaf many visitors will think of is Jay-Z.  He enjoys loafing around everywhere.  He and several cats favour the spot in front of the fridge.  Given his big, solid body, Jay-Z can easily block paths in the trailer while simultaneously looking cute.

Jay-Z – MD

Buddy prefers loafing at petting level; you’ll usually find him in the laundry room or just inside the Double-Wide, where lots of people will be within reach.

Buddy – Jennine

Little Keira Knightstreet is also affectionately known as the Tiny ‘Tato

Keira – PC

Our Leo is a big boy, but when he’s “loafing”, he can fold himself into a surprisingly small space

Leonardo diCatprio – MW

The whitest of cat-loaves, Ollie tucks himself out of the way.

Ollie – MW

Three loaves in a bowl, only Princess’s tail overflows a bit.

Spike, SaraLee, Princess – BC

Petunia demonstrates one of the paw variations for loaf pose – rather than with pads on the floor, she curls her paws under her chest

Petunia – KN

Bluebell is one of the cats who combines the faceplant variation with loaf pose.

Bluebell – KN

I believe the ultimate kitty loaf king is… Chimo!  This boy has a toasty orange coat, a white center, and a short, round body, just like the perfect loaf of bread.  He likes to chill and cuddle with everyone.  Chimo would happily leave his loaf position for extra body rubs.  Just don’t touch that belly!

Chimo – PC

Although it’s extremely tempting to sneak in some petting on loafing kitties, I advise against any impulsiveness.  Always let the cat know you’re next to it first and get their permission before physical contact. Surprise the cat and it will surprise you – and, unlike bread loaves, cat loaves can bite back.    Luckily, most of our cats are open to attention – hold out your hand to them and they’ll let you know immediately whether they want your touching.

Blog by Pauline Chin with Brigid Coult
Photos by Pauline Chin, Brigid Coult, Melanie Draper, Jennine Kariya, 
Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright