Cat Sanctuary

Little baby foster kitties Part III

My visit with Ann and her foster kitties this week was preceded by some sad news: the littlest of the runties had begun to show signs of weakening and, despite being rushed to the vet, ultimately didn’t make it. Sometimes nature steps in in ways it’s hard to like.

But this still leaves eight kittens who need all the attention they can get, greedily sharing nine kittens’ worth of love from their human mom and visitors.

Here’s what they were up to this week:

Exploring and playing
Sucking on the rim of the bowl should get the milk out, right?
Ayako tries to give the kitty a hint
Kitty thinks: “Prey! I feel an instinctive need to drag this into my lair!”
Learning to use a litterbox… Well, starting to learn
More practice using teeth and claws
Already working on perfecting the cat stare
Play more or sleep?
Getting sleepy…